About us

Orangutan feeding platform

Harimau Sumatra was established in 2012 by Abdul Rahman, a well known local guide with 20 years experience in the Gunung Leuser National Park.

We aim to give independent travellers access to a one-stop service for booking high-quality guided walks, trekking, ecotourism activities, transport and accommodation in Bukit Lawang and Tangkahan. Most of the travellers who book through us will book a package which covers transport, accommodation and a range of activities, excursions and tours. However, we are equally able to assist travellers who just want to book a trek, guided walk or tube rafting trip.

Harimau Sumatra is a family business. Rahman coordinates all activities, and does all of the guiding and trekking work himself – but various other members of his immediate and extended family are involved in the day to day running the business and accompanying him on trekking expeditions as assistant guides.

Our chief guide

Rahman was born and raised in Bukit Lawang and has been registered with the Indonesian Guide Association as an operator in Gunung Leuser since 1992.

A look around the travel blogs about Bukit Lawang will confirm his outstanding reputation both locally and internationally. Rahman is a true professional, with a passion for his work, his community and the natural environment. He is one of the most experienced (and well loved) guides in Bukit Lawang.

Rahman has generations of local knowledge about the area and the national park – his grandfather was among the first group of guides to be officially inaugurated into what is now the Indonesian Guide Association. Rahman is a highly skilled guide. His extensive knowledge of the Gunung Leuser ecosystem, the orangutan, other indigenous fauna and flora, as well as their traditional and medicinal uses, will give you the opportunity to gain real insight into this remote and unique region.

Rahman lives with his wife Netty and their 4 children, in neighbouring village, Timbang Lawan. Asides from running Harimau Sumatra, he also works as a volunteer teacher in the Timbang Lawan Community School. He’s heavily involved in the local communities in Timbang Lawan and Bukit Lawang. Many of the activities offered by Harimau incorporate Rahman’s extensive community involvement and local knowledge to provide travellers with an insight beyond Gunung Leuser into daily life in Sumatra.

Rahman's children - Rusyda, Rafi and Khansa